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Portable Freezers

Why do you need a Portable Freezer? -

Portable freezers are excellent for a wide range of uses from camping trips all the way to lengthy one day events. It is all too often that you are enjoying a great day outdoors at an event and the ice in the cooler melts, leaving your drinks to get hot and your food to spoil. This is especially pertinent to family gatherings at the park and sporting events. For instance, tailgating on college game days can be a lengthy adventure that normal coolers and ice cannot handle. This is where portable freezers save the day by keeping items cold for longer periods of time. Portable freezers are also excellent items for road trips. They preserve your food and drinks for long period of time and are quite energy efficient. They can also save you a lot of money compared to the costs of restaurants and fast food which may or may not be available where you are traveling.

Advantages of Portable Freezers -

Price and Efficiency -

They range in price from around $100 all the way to over a $1000 depending on the size and features. These affordable price tags and their high efficiency keep portable freezers economical.

There are several reasons why they are efficient. However, much of this is attributed to heavy duty insulation and high quality compressor units. Most models come with insulated metal walls that trap in the cool temperatures for lengthy periods of time under normal conditions. This insulation will even keep the food cold without power for hours on many models. The compressors are very reliable and can produce freezing temperatures without consuming much energy. Some can even produce outputs comparable to those of primary freezers found in your home.

Size -

They are light and compact with most units weighing well under 100 pounds, which makes them easy to transport. You can fit it in the back of your vehicle, at your campsite, and in your cabin without consuming much space.

Power -

Most models also operate off of household voltage and have 12 volt cigarette lighter adapters for use in the car. This versatility in power makes them highly convenient. Take it along with you on your road trip and then plug it into your outlet in a cabin, home, or other living quarters.

Find a Portable Freezer that matches your needs and reap the convenience of having a superior appliance everywhere you go!

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