Commercial Upright Portable Compact Chest

Upright Freezers

Upright Freezers are convenient and efficient appliances for storing a large amount of frozen food. Regular freezers can only hold so much food and when purchasing items in bulk a second freezer is almost always necessary. Upright Freezers provide an excellent means of achieving this extra space for little cost. Upright freezers are similar to chest freezers in function but usually offer a few extra features and the convenience of easy access to all foods for those who need such access on a continual basis. There are a variety of manufactures, yet the more popular ones are Whirlpool, Amana, Woods, and Frigidaire among others.

Upright freezers are vertical and rectangular in design. They vary in exact dimensions with respect to the style, manufacturer, and model. However, upright freezers are actually quite compact and easy to place in your garage, basement, or extra room. Their vertical design does not take up much floor space and even as secondary freezers they evoke an appeasing appearance. Most upright freezers come with contoured style doors, convenient shelves, and removable baskets for easy access and ultimate organization. The door even has storage space. There is one molded piece liner that is easy to clean for simple routine maintenance. Many also feature door locks. These can provide additional security that is especially important if your freezer is located in a garage and contains a lot of valuable foods. Interior lights can also be of tremendous assistance when searching for items in a packed freezer. Alarms can also be implemented on many models to ensure that temperature levels do not decrease causing food items to perish. Of course, most models come with easy temperature settings and gauges so you get just the right temperature for your items stored. Another difference between chest freezers and upright freezers is that some upright models embody defrosting mechanisms. And for those upright models that do not encompass this feature, the manual defrost does not take as long compared to chest freezers.

Upright freezers are also very economical appliances with many of them retaining energy star ratings. This means that their efficiency will save you money on utility bills because they do not require as much energy as many other items to operate.

Look to an upright freezer for that much needed extra space and reap the benefits of a superior appliance that is both convenient and economical.

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